Lighting & PA Systems

uplighting rental marietta ga

Awe Your Guests With Custom Lighting

Offering projectors and uplighting rental services in Atlanta, GA

Cover your venue's walls in brilliant hues using our uplighting rental service. Choose the colors and numbers of lights you need for your space. If you aren't sure what you need, call to talk to our lighting technician.

Looking for something more animated? 927 Entertainment can sync your celebration's playlist to our light projections to create custom light shows. We offer projector and uplighting rental services to clients in Atlanta, GA and the neighboring cities.

Say it loud and proud with a PA system rental

If you have more than a handful of guests, you'll need a sound system. 927 Entertainment offers PA system rental services in the Atlanta, GA area. We can customize your PA system rental based on the size of your venue and the number of guests attending.

Pricing for our lighting and sounds systems is as follows:

  • Cocktail or PA system: $175
  • LCD projector: $200
  • Fog machine: $95
  • Haze machine: $125
  • Party light show: Starting at $125
  • Wireless uplighting: $200 for 6 fixtures | $350 for 12 fixtures
To order, call 770-633-8248 now.